Guest-Post: Adam Bertram and Contributing to TechSnips

Today’s blog post comes from Adam Bertram. He’s recently launched which I’ve written about here but in case you don’t want to take my word for it, here is Adam:

Adding and Removing Keyboard Languages with PowerShell

There are many times in an organization, especially in larger international organizations, where it becomes necessary to manage the languages your users have access to via their keyboard.

Gone Snippin

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go to a training bootcamp again. It’s not because I haven’t worked hard enough, and it’s not because my company can’t afford it. I’ve simply reached a point in my career where I’m an expert on enough topics to where it’s not viable for me to spend a week mostly relearning stuff I already know (but really have you seen the price tags on bootcamps recently? No thanks). The same goes for PluralSight! Don’t get me wrong, I love the service and I spend the majority of “headphone-in” time at work with a video in the background. Whenever it comes to content related to my job, though, I’ve been finding myself skipping 3/4ths of the video to get to the content that matters to me. I don’t want to talk about youtube tutorials. Unprofessional editing, volume that makes me want to gouge out my ears, and then there’s those people who type the instructions in notepad while playing “Let the bodies hit the floor” at full blast… you catch my drift.

Managing Data Science Projects with Git

Recently I’ve been venturing more and more into the world of data science and machine learning, and I’ve come across a lot of helpful utilities that have made my world way easier. I’m assuming, if you’re reading this post about data science, that you’ve at least heard of python and Anaconda and why those are so useful. This post won’t cover python or Anaconda, but will move forward a bit and focus on organizing your projects.

Stellar Exchange Toolkit - The Stellar Exchange Toolkit

Ok, so pardon my pun in the title, but I had the opportunity to review a product for a company called Stellar. In particular, I’m looking at their Stellar Exchange Toolkit. It’s not often that I look to other tools to perform critical tasks around work, but in this case I made an exception. There are times where you simply can’t code something yourself - especially in the Exchange world. This is where Stellar comes in.

CSV Manipulation with Powershell

Recently I was given a pretty fun task. I had to import a CSV into an ETL tool to change a whole bunch of values in a database. Normally when I say “a whole bunch” I mean something along the lines of a few thousand or a few hundred, right? Well… In this case, I’m talking 5.5 million database records. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, lets get some background on this task.

Search Files with Powershell

It’s not uncommon for me to be editing a document or creating a draft and completely forget where I stored the file. If you’re anything like me, you’ll spend minutes, hours, sometimes days racking your brain trying to figure out where that file is. Thankfully, one of these times I decided to let Powershell do the work for me, rather than aimlessly click through my dropbox.

Applying Agile Principles to an Escape Room

Recently my team and I headed down to New Orleans, Louisiana for a team building trip and to get a lot of face time. Working remotely, it becomes difficult to set aside the time and hash out certain things that weren’t working well. In our case, it’s our JIRA board that was an absolute nightmare. It’s incredibly beneficial to be able to put everything aside and actually work on process improvements.

Powershell Summit 2017 Recap

I’d really like to start this post off by giving a HUGE thank you to the team. They’re incredibly inspirational with how much time and effort that they pour into the community, and because of that I’ve renewed my resolve to get back to blogging and delivering as much content as I possibly can. I wanted to give a quick and dirty rundown of the sessions I attended and what I was able to take away.

Infrastructure Testing with Pester

I just got back from the Powershell Summit 2017 conference in Seattle, and boy did it get my brain working. There are lots of talented people in the community and the Summit is the place to meet them all, share ideas, and really wrack your brain trying to squeeze out useful information to help others on the bleeding edge of Powershell development and implementation.