Automation and the IT Balancing Act

One of the things that drives me working as a System Administrator is the push and pull of my workload with the help of automation, and it’s a subject I feel that not many administrators fully understand.

Powershell Scripting Get-ADUser Use Case

At the University we are a weird mix of centralized and decentralized IT support.  A lot of times this means I don’t have all of the access I need in order to find all the information I want, but with a little creativity I can get around the roadblocks that centralized IT has in place.

Powershell Discovery with Get-Command and Get-Help

This is an old post I made in February of 2016. Since converting to wordpress from time to time I’ll be pulling my old posts over and put them here

How I Work IT

Well, here we have it. Today, I’ve pushed a hard reset on my blog and now I’ll be using jekyll on Windows and hosting it via github pages. I’ll let you know how I like it, but so far I’m much more impressed with it than I ever was with wordpress. I’ll be working on migrating my old blog posts into this jekyll/gh-pages format in the future.