There are many times in an organization, especially in larger international organizations, where it becomes necessary to manage the languages your users have access to via their keyboard.

Adding Languages

It’s pretty simple to look at the language list, as Powershell has a built in cmdlet for this.

$LanguageList = Get-WinUserLanguageList

When we view the contents of $LanguageList, we will see the object that is returned, and if U.S. English is your only keyboard language of choice, then your output should look like the following:

LanguageTag     : en-US
Autonym         : English (United States)
EnglishName     : English
LocalizedName   : English (United States)
ScriptName      : Latin script
InputMethodTips : {0409:00000409}
Spellchecking   : True
Handwriting     : False

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